January 19, 2021
Hire Ric
Commission an arrangement or composition as a gift for a friend, a loved one, a retiring music teacher.

Commissioner gets...
Dedication (on the published music).
Right of first performance and/or recording.
Consultation with the arranger/composer.
Recommend a song (arrangement).
Right to be credited as commissioner in published editions.

Composition (original music)

Conducting (studio & live)
Teaching (composition and all related subjects)

Most of my work-for-hire clients are songwriters and performing-recording artists.
They hire me to arrange (& orchestrate) their songs for recordings or live performance.
They provide me a lead sheet and demo recording (if available).
I deliver to them a score, parts and a mockup demo of the finished arrangement.
Projects vary. Details are worked out between the two parties.
Contact me for rates.
Commissiong Music: A Basic Guide 

I have over 500 videos on YouTube. If you need to hear something specific, contact me.

Partial Client/Project List...
London Symphony Orchestra
Nashville Recording Orchestra
Prague Strings
Fort Worth Symphony
Plano Symphony
Irving Symphony
ABC Television
NBC Television
New World Television
Lifeway Publishing
Columbia Pictures Publications
Alexander Publishing
Integrity-Word Records
Maranatha Music 
Benson Publishing
Lorenz Publishing
Heavy Hitters Music
Network Music
American Airlines
United Airlines
Euro Disney
Dave Mustaine (Metallica/Megadeth)

Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence" "For Safety's Sake" 6 episodes (Gary Coleman/Rance Howard-Ron's Dad)
Cable Ace Award (Music: Special Mention) "The Great Race"
ASCAP Awards
Billboard Award
American Song Festival Awards