June 24, 2021
Hire Ric
Commission a Composition or Arrangement as a gift for someone.

Commissioner gets...
Dedication (on the published music).
Right of first performance and/or recording.
Consultation with the Composer/Arranger.
Recommend a song (arrangement).
Right to be credited as Commissioner in published editions.

Composition (original music)
Production (string-orchestral sessions)

Conducting (studio & live)
Teaching (composition and all related subjects)
I am now brokering string (& orchestra) sessions for The Bucharest All-Star Orchestra.
If you are interested in having them record your song(s), let me know.
It is an excellent ensemble and a very reasonable rate.

Most of my work-for-hire clients are songwriters, performing-recording artists and producers.
They hire me to arrange (& orchestrate) their songs for recordings &/or live performance.
They provide me a lead sheet and demo recording. If no lead sheet is available, I can do one (additional fee).
I deliver to them a score, parts and a mock-up demo of the finished arrangement.
Projects vary. Details are worked out between the two parties.
Contact me for rates.
Commissiong Music: A Basic Guide 

In 2020-21 The rates for String Arrangements have been $1,000 per song (depending on the song & other).
$800 for the arrangement and $200 for extracting-editing parts. 
I have done some for less, others for more.
When possible I also prefer to conduct the recording session or produce/artistic direct if done remotely.
Conducting/Producing is an additional cost.
I also do "sample library" arrangements/mock-ups for budget projects.
If you want a examples of that work, contact me. 
Standard payment procedure is: 1/2 up front, balance due upon approval of the arrangement. 
Payment can be made via PayPal / Venmo / Direct Deposit.

I have over 600 videos on YouTube. If you need to hear something specific, or see scores/parts contact me.

Partial Client/Project List...
London Symphony Orchestra
Nashville Recording Orchestra
Prague Strings
Fort Worth Symphony
Bucharest All-Star Orchestra
Plano Symphony
Irving Symphony
ABC Television
NBC Television
New World Television
Lifeway Publishing
Columbia Pictures Publications
Alexander Publishing
Integrity-Word Records
Maranatha Music 
Benson Publishing
Lorenz Publishing
Heavy Hitters Music
Network Music
American Airlines
United Airlines
Euro Disney
Dave Mustaine (Metallica/Megadeth)

Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence" "For Safety's Sake" 6 episodes (Gary Coleman/Rance Howard-Ron's Dad)
Cable Ace Award (Music: Special Mention) "The Great Race"
ASCAP Awards
Billboard Award
American Song Festival Awards

ASCAP (writer-publisher)
The MLC  

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