October 31, 2020
"The Braes of KIntallen"
October 31 2020
"The Braes of Kintallen" as recorded by The Prague Strings is now available on Spotify and others.
October 31 2020
Act 2 from the musical "Chosen" is now available on CD.
I Arranged-Orchestrated-Conducted & Produced the recording along with Songwriter Mark Greer.
We return to Nashville at the end of Nov. to record the remainder of Act 1.
The Braes of Kintallen video & other...
August 12 2020

The final video version of "The Braes of Kintallen" as recorded by the Prague Symphony Strings is now on this website (see: Video Gallery). We are also releasing a single which should be out in a few days (CD Baby, Spotify, Apple Music). The video was produced by Denise Flauding....