June 19, 2024
Significant Music
Significant Music
Posted Date: July 13 2021
Ric is now an Artist with the Significant Music Group. Website coming.
Work-in-progress Bio...

"Hello, I’m Ric, From Rock to Jazz to Orchestral I’ve been expanding my understanding of how to make music special to the audience.
I work as a Composer-Arranger-Orchestrator & Conductor. I have worn many hats in the music business as well, but writing music and conducting are what I most enjoy and what I mostly get hired to do. Frankly am damn good at! Arranging is basically composing but the primary elements are someone else’s, namely the “melody”. I seek to heighten the revealing of the song. In a way, I compose, but use someone else’s material.”
Ric Flauding is an amazing servant to clients, other artists and his Lord. He is so skilled at harmonic structuring and instrumental complements, that he rarely calls attention to the passages themselves and yet the net effect is often something “cinemagic”. “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another, “ he quotes the Bible as his source for helping artists and making video productions sizzle. And somehow, we at Significant see how that sharpening passes through to the whole ecosystem of listeners.
You might think Ric is pompous with the being “damn good” at the high art of symphonic level mastery, but he is easy-going, generous and loves a good laugh. In Significant production environments, there have been some who have asked “what is it about you guys?” How carefully and positively something is created in a growth-experience for all, is key to the outcome of the music quality and the results or effects it elicits.
Ric is returning to his own composition artistry too in the Significant wheelhouse. Not that he ever left writing, but we aim to amplify his works for you."

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