July 23, 2024
In case I have never told you this explicitly, it is a real pleasure to work with such a consummate professional musician as you are, and to also be privileged to work with the crew of instrumentalists, engineers, and studios you have gathered together to make this musical. I truly hope these efforts gain world-wide attention, and you receive the industry-wide recognition you deserve as a marvelous arranger and orchestrator. Just don’t forget me when you are famous!
Mark Greer: "Chosen" the musical
We really enjoyed working with you Ric. The tracks were really beautiful and well prepared. You do a great job of writing and producing.
David Angell: Violinist-Contractor ("Nashville Recording Orchestra")
Ric's music was outstanding, it played a very important role in a very important television series.
Film Advisory Board (Hollywood): Ric received an award for his scoring
Ric Flauding did some exceptional orchestration work for music I had composed by ear. He was able to “take down” the audio I provided and break out parts for use by a conventional orchestra. Because of his competency, attention to detail and deadline, I would highly recommend his services.
Fred Meggs: Composer (ABC Family Television/CBN "First Landing" television show)
This track is from a friend of mine that is a very amazing composer. He has worked with the London Symphony and I recommend him for "The Passion".
Dave Mustaine: Recording Artist (Metallica/Megadeth) (re: "Jesus Wept")
"The Passion" (Mel Gibson) movie soundtrack
Well Ric! You are the man, what a fantastic arrangement of such a beloved hymn. I would love to record an album of great hymns in this style of arrangement.
Jeffrey Wells: Vocalist (Metropolitan Opera)
Hi Ric, Finally had a moment to sit and listen to your composition "Monterey". Beautiful writing and arranging!
Russell Ferrante: Pianist-Recording Artist (Yellowjackets)
"Amazing Grace" Incredible arrangement!
Wayne Bergeron: Trumpet Recording Artist (Gordon Goodwin Band)
Hi Ric This is excellent! One of the best arrangements I've heard and you are to be commended. Also, this would be nice to include on our GPO demo page.
Gary Garritan: Garritan Sample Libraries
This is the hippest version of "Amazing Grace" I've ever heard. Bravo!
David Angell: Violinist-Contractor ("Nashville Recording Orchestra")
Truly great arrangements today.
Kent Hooper: Engineer-Producer (Ocean Way Studios/Abbey Road)
Hey Ric, They all sound amazing. You're surely a gifted composer!
Bobby Shin: Producer-Engineer (Nashville)
I am convinced of two things about Ric Flauding’s music that do separate him from the rest of the compositional world. First, he has the ability to express human emotion in a contemporary idiom. This fact alone makes his music worthy of serious consideration in a world that is seemingly losing touch with that ability. Secondly, his own personal integrity will simply not let him produce anything but his best efforts, both in the “commercial” field and also what still may be termed “classical”.
Robert Becker: Violist (New York String Quartet, Julliard School, LA recording session musician)
HOLY COW!!! Your stuff is AMAZING! LOVE the treatment on “Revelation Song” Great job!
Larry Shakley: Editor (Lorenz Publishing)
Amazing! The string arrangement is stellar; Claus Ogerman has nothing on you!!!
Fletch Wiley: Arranger-Producer
Ric, what a fantastic chart! You are a flippin genius!!!
John Gage: Arranger-Conductor
Ric, you are the best arranger I have worked with! And I was fortunate to have worked with Hank Mancini, and numerous others.
Rick Bartkus: Trombonist
For the amount of years I have worked with Ric Flauding, I am constantly amazed at the consistently high level of musical excellence and creativity that comes forth from this talented and gifted arranger and orchestrator. Ric continues to demonstrate to the music industry what the true art of arranging and orchestrating truly are.
Joey Arreguin: Composer-Producer
What a gorgeous piece! Keep writing more great music. I’ve always been impressed with the level of professionalism in your writing
Bob Barrett: Composer (Disney)
Ric, this is gorgeous orchestra music!
Camp Kirkland: Arranger-Conductor
Very cool Ric. Love that "Amazing Grace" chart. As the English say, some very “naughty changes".
Greg Nelson: Bassist-Producer (Nashville)
Ric, I would buy this arrangement RIGHT NOW. You made me cry. I mean I sat here sobbing. Just an AWESOME arrangement...What a talented man you are.
Marshall Sanders: Conductor-founder of "Creator" magazine
Beautiful job, Ric! Your orchestration sounds like Debussy would have written it himself.
Owen Griffin: Conductor (J.W. Pepper review)
Just checked out your string arrangement-again blown away, the arrangement is awesome. Wowee!
David Arivett: Arranger-Producer
There is no end to Ric's arranging talents. His arranging for strings is some of the best I have ever heard.
Music Reviewer (Los Angeles)
Ric, Incredible arrangements-absolutely gorgeous! You're the Man! Your voicings and orchestral coloring are superb my friend! Great job!
Joey Arreguin: Composer-Producer (Los Angeles)
Ric, that is the most beautiful rendition of "Silent Night". You have such beautiful God-given talent.
J.W. Pepper review: Choral Conductor
Hi, Ric. I liked this a lot. You have a lot of good ideas and you’ve filled out the piece very nicely! I tend to over-write when I orchestrate; you have a good balance and are more willing to let things “get small” now and then with good effect.
Larry Shakley: Orchestrator-Editor (Lorenz Publishing)
Wow I gotta tell you "Monterey" was absolutely out of this world! What an amazing piece. Lisa came in when I was listening and was totally mesmerized by the melody and amazing orchestration/arrangement. Great job! With your permission, I'd like to show them to my friend at Warner Brothers, Is that cool?
Joey Arreguin: Composer-Producer
Ric, these are great, congratulations! The string parts really feel natural to the song, complementing the style and melody. Great work.
Kate Griesinger: Orchestra Music Editor-Cellist (J.W. Pepper)
Wow Ric–great string arrangements for "The Invitation" and "Por Amor"-absolutely brilliant work! Where did you learn how to write string arrangements like that???
David Arivett: Arranger-Producer
Ric, I love your "Jesus Wept" we played it during Easter and it really challenged our orchestra musically.
Edwin Parker: Conductor (Liberty University)
Wow! Beautiful string arranging Ric! Very nice!
Stockton Helbing: Drummer-Producer (Maynard Fergeson/Doc Severinson)
This is a GORGEOUS arrangement and orchestration of this beautiful hymn. I simply love your harmonies in this piece they are so different and exciting.
Review: Garritan Sample Libraries
Ric! what an introduction of yourself... this is first-chair work in all regards -- from the gorgeous, subtle orchestration of it to the superb cinematic rendering. This is work of not merely skill but also great beauty, Ric, in which I took great pleasure.
Review: Garritan Sample Libraries
"Jesus Wept": Cinematic is correct. Long sweeping brushes of lush sounds penetrate the soul. "The First Noel": Wow, Christmas can't get here fast enough! A beautiful production and interpretation."Christmas Coronation (We Three Kings)": It creates renewal and casts a day's burden aside by the humble and cheerful sounds created.
Review: Garritan Sample Libraries
This is really nice. The chord progressions and how you use them are quite impressive. There is freedom in your compositions I wish I could bring into my own writing.
Michael Myrick: Composer-Conductor
Best arrangement for strings I've ever heard of “Carol of the Bells”.
Pam Harrison: Violist-Music Educator
I am saving the best for last-your music has been premiered now in Vienna, Austria and Gyor, Hungary...they absolutely LOVED your “O Holy Night".
Susan Korhonen: Vocalist-Recording Artist
I have just checked out your video. It is very informative. You have made many good points throughout . In 12 minutes, you have said more than many composition teachers could say in 12 days. Like your strings, your video sets a good foundation for future music writers. Bravo.
Marc Oliver: Composer
WOW - Doxology is one of my favorites! This would be a hit for Easter or a special service. I could see an advanced high school collegiate, or pro group playing this arrangement. It reminds me of some of the works done by fiddler Mark O’Connor.
Isaac Brooks: J.W. Pepper/My Score (re: "Doxology Overture")
Ric, sounds great. I must say, whoever has the opportunity to listen to our recording is going to be treated to a festival of musical styles and orchestrations. It is very moving for me to listen to the songs like this, all at the same time. You have done a wonderful job, and I am truly grateful. Thank you.
Mark Greer: Creator of the musical-opera "Chosen".
It's my great pleasure and honor to work for you. I have now gotten to hear your excellence as an arranger and realize what a wonderful project this has turned out to be. I loved the choral session.
David Angell: Violinist-Contractor ("Nashville Recording Orchestra")
Ric. It's my joy to sing these beautiful songs. Your arrangements are stunning.
Travis Cottrell: Vocalist-Composer-Recording Artist.
I really really love your charts.
Kent Hooper: Engineer-Producer (Ocean Way Studios/Abbey Road)
Amazing piece!
Vinicius (engineer at CNSO Studios/Prague Symphony re: "The Braes of Kintallen" arranged by Ric.)
Music sounded great and your orchestrations were really wonderful. Honored to be a part.
David Wise (Nashville studio singer-arranger-contractor)
(name withheld) has remarked twice how much he likes your writing. Very proud of Nashville sometimes. Yes please move here and make us even better.
Well-known Nashville recording session artist (& one of Ric's favorite musicians).
Wow! Awesome stuff!!! I wish we can work with you again soon! Such a pleasure.
Musiversal (re: orchestra music written by Ric)
Wow, what a gorgeous orchestral arrangement. The placement of the parts in contrast with the soloist makes me quite envious. Your compositions are always arranged so well.
Michael Myrick: Choral Music Press
Very nice Ric. Beautiful writing! Good job!
Camp Kirkland
Very nice!...but I really wouldn't have expected anything less...from such a talented gentleman.
Shelly Peterman: Praise Charts (re: orchestra music written by Ric)
Holy (blank)!!! You took that and turned it into that gorgeous orchestral piece?
a Fan (re: the Fan hearing the clients demo followed by Ric's finished version)
That is absolutely epic!!!
Randy Adams: Recording Engineer re: "The Braes of Kintallen" (Prague Strings)
HI Ric, Long time no talk - Love your writing man - always brilliant !! - Best - Oliver
Oliver F. Koelling: Composer re: "The Braes of Kintallen" (Prague Strings)
Very nice piece for string orchestra competition.
Isaac Brooks: J.W. Pepper/My Score - Cellist
That is great Ric! Great recording, performance, and song!
Jamie Warden: Operations Manager Ocean Way Studios Nashville
Lovely...and VERY impressive! Wonderful chord vocabulary. Also, extremely nice video work by your wife!
Dan Smith: Arranger-Orchestrator re: "Jesus Loves Me" (orchestra)
Nice! And a beautiful orchestration!
Travis Cottrell re: "Jesus Loves Me" (orchestra)
Ric, thank you for your fantastic arrangements, orchestrations, and for bringing the music to life. Remarkable!
Mark Greer: songwriter and creator of the musical "Chosen"
Every singer that’s been here to sing has been so impressed with the songs and the arrangements. This is very special, and I’m happy to be involved
Kent Hooper: Recording Engineer (Ocean Way Nashville, Abbey Road & many others)
Absolutely astonishing, Ric!! Pure genius. The violin part is obviously very demanding but carries a powerful message ...(Maybe even satanic?) Every song you're turning out blows us away.
Jim: my great friend re: "The Meeting" from "Chosen
Just listened to your medley of the first six songs from Chosen and it is really amazing and so well-crafted. The orchestrations are so strong and original and complex, I almost couldn't believe it. You have really done an exceptional job.
My great friend Jim
...I'm sitting right now n a hotel room in Istanbul crying as a result of having just watched your arrangement of "Jesus Loves Me". There's nothing like hearing your own 'heart music' to touch a person at the deepest level, especially in a foreign country. Thank you. Keep on, "keeping on."
Dr. Sue: a great friend & pianist
Ric, this is a "great" arrangement! Your musical brain is amazing!
Sue Whittaker: Pianist (re: "Cold Duck Time")
Wow, the medley sounds amazing, you really are a master of your craft! I love the energy, the colors, the contrasts, the harmonies and how you masterfully embedded the vocals. It sounds like Broadway and Hollywood combined, what a delight to listen to!
I.C. (Violinist)
"I Will Arise" and "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" are beautiful arrangements. It's a joy and an honor to hear your work.
Caroline Alexander: Alexander Publishing
It’s beautiful. Great string writing.
Dr. Garrett Hope: The Portfolio Composer
"O Christmas Tree" (string quartet) is amazing. I've listened to it a few times. I love the quotes from the other Christmas songs.
Ionut Corsaca (The Bucharest All-Star Orchestra/Violin)
Wow! Ric, I can't get over the scope of your creativity. It's really amazing. . . your multiple crescendos on held chords, rich chord progressions and textures. And the level of your productivity is through the roof! When do you sleep???
Sue Whittaker: Pianist-Liberty University (regarding "O Holy Night" strings & timpani 2021).
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