April 14, 2024

November 24, 2020
Finale (scoring program) sent out an email titled "Finale Blog - Keeping Up with Creators During COVID".
They said anyone could submit a blog. So...here goes...
I have been busier than ever during this period. But, I was hired (out of LA) "pre"-covid to arrange-orchestrate-conduct and produce a very extensive project (a musical - over 30 songs, underscore & other). I was hired months before covid hit. None-the-less, it has affected things especially in the recording sessions.
We did a session in Nov. 2019 (pre covid) at Ocean Way Nashville with the Nashville Recording Orchestra that went very well. There was no "sectional" tracking, no masks, etc. We also had a video crew and it went extremely well.
Our second set of sessions was originally scheduled for Apr. 2020, but due to covid was postponed to July. This time it would be a week of sessions at Ocean Way (orchestra), Blackbird Studios (choir), The Poole Room (rhythm section) , House of BIG (vocal soloists). I was planning on going to conduct-produce, but my wife had health concerns so after days of total frustration, I caved and we decided to do all of the sessions remotely. It took some set up and the house looked like NASA but it all worked out. Not what I prefer, but - it did work and actually very well.
We did have to record sectionally (seperate orchestral sections at a time) and take other measures, but all got accomplished.  
We have a 3rd set of sessions starting this coming Monday (Nov. 30, 2020) that will also be about a week of sessions involving basically the same situation as in July.  
As I write, I am still on notice from the contractor to make sure everything is a go. I hope/pray it is and I go there.
I have had other commissions during this period as well. Finale has been used in all of them. I had a ton of printed music to prepare for the musical (scores, choral octavos, vocal-piano reductions, lead sheets for the vocal soloists, inserts, other). I have also had a copyist in Nashville prepping up all the materials for the session. He will also serve as music librarian during the sessions while I conduct.  
All of this was done with Finale and I am very grateful for Finale (the product) and the help they have given me over the years.  
Like many writers (composer-arranger-orchestrator), I have tons of "gear" and know how to use it well and fast. I would use it anyway, but in the case of doing some very costly recording sessions remotely (or not) I cannot afford to take any risks - I have to KNOW things will work as expected.  
Thank you Finale
Ric Flauding

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